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I’m living the good life at the moment. With some free time on my hands, great weather and good friends around to spend my days with. But after finishing GTO and Dragon Ball I’m really lacking some good reading and watching material in my Otaku department. My girl is currently on a two week vacation with her family so that I even started with Disgaea 3 on my Vita. Downloaded it months ago for free when it was available for PS Plus subscribers but never really got around to playing it. To make it short: I love the game. Great humor and since playing FF Tactics I’m a sucker for Strategy RPGs.

So I’m set on the gaming side of things but I really need your help to pick up another Manga and Anime. I’m looking for something a little more mature with an ongoing storyline and without fantasy elements. Always open towards anything sic-fi but just didn’t get too comfortable with any midieval setting. Knights and stuff just isn’t my cup of tea and maybe the reason why I never got into the Zelda games (but obviously haven’t had any problems with FF :).

Like I mentioned in the Jojoveller post I’ll probably end up reading Jojo’s bizarre adventure but there is always room for another manga series to read and I’m still on dry land regarding Anime.

Please leave a comment if you have some series to recommend it’s really more than appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance!

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  1. You should definitely try Steins;Gate, Darker Than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha, Code Geass, Elfen Lied, Fate/Zero, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and Durarara!!

    Some of my personal favorites. Steins;Gate was definitely my all-time favorite though. :)

    1. I started with Steins; gate and love it :) thanks for your recommendations. Already watched Durarara!!! some time ago but liked it as well. Will need to check on the other ones.

  2. You should definitely watch 「Gin so Saji」 (, 「Planetes」 (, 「Nodame Cantabile」 (, 「Mushishi」 (, 「Gankutsuou」 (, and 「Mawaru Penguindrum」 (

    These are one my all time favorite anime series and I couldn’t tell you which I enjoyed more thoroughly. I would recommend it to anyone, whether they watch anime or not. (˘▾˘)

    1. I have seen the Frnech version of Planetes in a bookstore a while back and nearly bought it. The copy was damaged and they didn’t have another one otherwise I probably would have picked it up.

      Thanks a lot for all these recommendations. My “to watch list” is now full with awesome titles. Watched the first episode of Mushishi and love it.

  3. Monster- brain surgeon saves a kid who ends up becoming a serial killer. Story is the doctor tracking down his patient to take responsibility for the life he saved.

    Baccano- A wide variety of people get on a train in 1850s? america, and you end up with this crazy wild west pulp fiction sort of thing.

    Shinsekai yori- what happens when a very small part of the population gains a form of telekinesis in the next 100 years. Anime starts 1000 years from now, a bunch of kids living in the resulting world.

    Mushishi- it doesnt have an ongoing storyline, but if youre considering watching it even a little bit, give it a try. I’ve never seen anything else like it.

    Samurai Champloo- a girl looking for a man who smells like sunflowers. She drags two homeless samurai with her on her quest.

    A bit more out there but, Log horizon, if you liked FF. No Game No Life, just because its the most ridiculous thing ive seen in recent memory. Katanagatari and bakemonogatari were kinda weird, but memorable. Black Lagoon, mercenaries in southeast asia. I’m gonna stop before I start rambling. I second steins gate, if you feel like dropping it early on, give it a chance to develop.

    1. As a huge Urasawa fan I always wanted to read Monster but never really got the chance to do so. My Japanese is still too bad and the manga volumes are oop in Germany and the US. Never knew that there was an Anime. Thanks.
      If I remember right Baccano is published by VIz in the Us as well. Wanted to pick that one up. Thanks alot, all your recommendations sounds really interesting.

  4. First of all, need to thank you for your mention of ‘Assassination Classroom’ a while back. Finally read it, and I love it. Hilarious and cool.

    Now, let’s see. For manga, I loved ‘Sora No Otoshimono’. It’s more or less a harem, which I don’t like much either, but it’s absolutely hilarious. No other manga has made me laugh as much I think.

    Anime, I’m watching one called ‘Mekaku City Actors’. I can’t say I think it’s particularly good, however, it’s based of a series of Vocaloid music videos called the ‘Kagerou Project’ which I think are simply amazing, so I’d recommend them at least.
    This is a playlist, I’m not sure if they’re in the correct order, but the order is roughly given in the albums I think.

    Other than that, all I can think of is a few past anime I liked. ‘Steins;Gate’ is a great sci-fi, without being particularly futuristic. ‘Spice and Wolf’ is a nice romance, although I guess it has a more medieval setting ^.^”. And I’d recommend any anime movie by Makoto Shinkai, the guy’s made some films just by himself, and they’re still above the detail of most company productions.

    1. Glad you liked Assassination Classroom :) That reminds me, I should catch up to the latest chapters. It’s just so refreshingly different from everything else which is currently running, right.

      Just checked Sora no otoshimono and I will probably pick up the first one with my next manga order. Thanks for the recommendation. I’m a lways good for a fun manga and haven’t had any experience with harem stuff yet.

      Always had Steins; Gate in the back of mind mind because a friend of mine already told me that it’s really worth watching. Just put it on my Watchlist. All this “realistic” time travel stuff sounds like a blast. Will try Mekaku City Actors as well.

      Thanks a lot for these recommendations and your time!

  5. Ashita no Joe, anything from Yazawa Ai. Maison Ikkoku.
    If you’re into cooking, Antique Bakery.

    1. Ashita no Joe sounds really great, will probably pick up the first volume with m next cdjapan order. I am already a big fan of Maison Ikkou and own a couple of volumes. Actually I’m very much into cooking thanks for these recommendations. Will look for Antique Bakery.

      1. AnJ is old, though. From the seventies. You can watch the anime.
        Another one is National Quiz/Kokumin Quiz, which is somewhat futuristic in the way it presents the world.

        1. National Quiz/Kokumin Quiz sounds great too. Seems like a comedy which takes place in dystopian Japan. Relly interesting setting and I’m a sucker for “older” manga in general. Everything just had a little more charm back then.
          Thanks again Adrian!

  6. Oh, and even though it has a midieval setting and can’t get any more Fantasy, you should definitely check out Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan sometime if you haven’t already :)

    1. Tried the first episode a year ago but didn’t really like it. But seems like I should give the series a second look. Thanks for this one as well :)

    1. Wow, Gunbuster really sounds amazing. Love these “gritty” Anime from the 80s. I have to say that I prefer the art back then over most current productions. Probably will give this one a try tonight. Thanks a lot for the recommendation.

      1. Don’t be put off by the beginning, with the the characteristic japanese school rivalry which can be a liiiitle cheesy … it’s getting really really good later. :)

        1. Ok, will watch the first few episodes later today and tell you if I changed my mind. Your taste in manga is always amazing so I’m sure I’ll love Attack on Titan as well :)

          Btw. started watching the Hikaru no Go anime after reading the manga. Damn this is such an amazing series and definitely doesn’t get the recognition it deserves (or is it actually more popular then I think it is?).

          1. I did a Hikaru no Go Marathon last Year watching all 75 Episodes :)

            I think it was pretty popular in Japan when it came out, even starting a little Go Boom. Not so much outside of Japan …

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