Otaku girls sure know how to stuff their rooms

Honestly, I can learn a lot from these girls. I always complain about not having enough space for my books, manga, games and whatnot. Looking at these otaku rooms gave me some great new ideas on how to properly use the room I got. Even if I won’t start plastering my walls with fanboy stuff (my girlfriend would kill me) now I really began using the whole depth of my bookshelves storing two rows of manga behind each other.

Enough nerd talk now. You probably remember when I showed you the book Daraku Room by Shiori Kawamoto early last year. I picked up the book on one of my nightly strolls through Tokyo’s bookstores and instantly fell in love with the title when I discovered it on display at the big Tsutaya store on Shibuya crossing. And even today I find myself looking at the wonderfully strange and eccentric rooms by girls who love nerdy stuff.

Just recently I discovered this little video by the infamous Japanese Vice Crew who joined photographer Kawamoto on his sets for the female otaku book. Really nice to see some of these rooms filmed and even with greater detail.

If you enjoy the pictures by Kawamoto, stop by at his tumblr. Amazing pictures.

Buy the book: 堕落部屋 – Daraku Room by Shiori Kawamoto


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  1. hello how did you work with vice? (i am a big fan of anime and japan)
    i love this blog!

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