Nigo shows us his extensive suitcase collection

You probably all noticed it by now: I’m a little fan of Nigo. The Bape founder who is now running his new imprint Human Made (which is centered around vintage amerikana fashion) is one of my style icons. If there are any for me he has to be one of them. Apart from being a collector of various things, vintage Jeans, toys and furniture (which you can all see in his book Atelier by Nigo) he always likes to share his passions with others in various Japanese magazines. Really, he is a regular at Japan’s newsstands and I’m one of the guys who is eagerly trying to get a copy.

I never bought one of these Switch magazines before but apart from the main feature with Nigo it’s a pretty exiting concept. Mostly styles, reports and tips for the modern “bag packer”. Ok, Nigo is only traveling with custom made luxury trunks but it still fits the magazines concept. I never had any interest in popular brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton or Goyard. But some of these “made for order” suitcases look stunning. Especially the blue Goyard bag with the Human Made polar bear. Definitely need one of these with my initials when my first born arrives. Which is at best in couple of years which is awesome. I really need the time for saving up.

Buy the magazine: Switch – Nigo suitcase special

Nigo suitcase goyard

Nigo suitcase goyard-2


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