New In: Kaws Companion pillow

New In: Kaws Companion pillow

I’ve been a sucker for all things Kaws for quite some time. Started collecting a couple of years ago and still own some of his art toy releases. Just a couple of days ago I showed you my Kaws Astro Boy which I was lucky enough buy to buy directly at kawsone. And I’m still very happy with it. If you don’t own any art toys yourself it may seem strange that a guy in his mid-twenties is willing to pay that much for a plastic figure. But I never did regret the purchase of a Kaws figure. Never. The first toy by Kaws that I bought back in 2007 was The Twins and I’m still so happy with my two beauties. Unfortunately, I had to sell my Kaws Stormtrooper to pay my huge credit card bill a couple of years ago, and still regret doing so. Since then I swore myself that I’d never sell one of my Kaws figures again. The good thing is: I learned my lesson. Since then I’m much more careful with my credit card. We all know that this little plastic thing can be quite seducing.

On my recent trip to Tokyo, I just had to visit the Original Fake store in Aoyama. You can find it near the Bape store located in a small basement. The interior design is made by Wonderwall who is also responsible for several other projects in the Harajuku district (yeah, the Ape stores as well). Incredible architecture and is worth the visit alone. He even teamed up with Kaws on a toy release, but you can skip that. It’s more than disappointing and took the name of the interior designer a little too seriously.

I went there together with my lovely girlfriend and she was the one who bought the Companion pillow. Unfortunately, we don’t have a flat at the moment, so we can’t display it properly. But I’m sure it will look awesome on our couch as soon as we have our own space again.


kaws companion pillow

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    1. Thank you Amandine. And yes, you should definitely visit Japan, or Tokyo in particular. Such an inspiring, creative city. The Original Fake store which used to sell these pillows is closing soon, but there is so much amazing stuff to buy in Nihon that you’ll have a tough time deciding what gets in your bag and what not anyway.

    1. You can get the pillow in an Astro Boy version at Firmament Berlin. Expensive but may be worth the price.

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