New In: Dr. Slump’s Arale Chan

New In: Dr. Slump's Arale Chan

Finally the big part of my exams are over and I can just concentrate on steadily learning for myself. I don’t have to attend an 8h/day practical course at the university anymore, which has been fun but was exhausting as well. Tonight I’ll go watch the latest Ghibli movie which is playing at the local cinema and to make things perfect we will celebrate my girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow.

Lately I haven’t had the energy to read too much stuff in Japanese, not to say anything. Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U kept me busy between my learning session. Just driving a round online to relax your mind was the perfect thing to do. But I really want to continue with One Piece and Dr. Slump.

Yesterday I finally received a package from cdjapan with this lovely figure of Arale-Chan inside. It’s been so long that I pre-ordered that I already forgot that it was still coming. I became a huge fan of Dr. Slump and even ordered the whole collection of the complete edition.  Nice surprise, I have to admit. The pictures were made while I was learning Histology, so pardon the mess on the table (just to say again, I was learning hard which is a little unusual for me). Maybe you recall that I’m a huge fan of Kaws and his art toys so I already have quite a collection there. The Medicom Toy figures were always of great quality but even if the detail of Arale Chan exceeds the simple Kaws figures by far, the quality is better as well. Really, I’m astounded how good the figure feels (it’s relatively heavy as well) and how well it is made.

Unfortunately this figure was only made for pre-order and couldn’t be bought after the release or anywhere near it. Maybe you can still track it down. Just head over to cdjapan for the product details if you’re interested.

Arale Chan Dr Slump figure-2

Arale Chan Dr Slump figure

Arale Chan Dr Slump figure-3

Arale Chan Dr Slump figure-4

Arale Chan Dr Slump figure-5

Arale Chan Dr Slump figure-6

Arale Chan Dr Slump figure-8

Arale Chan Dr Slump figure-9

Arale Chan Dr Slump figure-10

Arale Chan Dr Slump figure-11

Arale Chan Dr Slump figure-12

Arale Chan Dr Slump figure-14

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