Master Piece, quality bags made in Japan

Master Piece, quality bags made in Japan

On our trip to Japan I was looking for a small, comfortable bag just big enough to hold my (relatively small) DSLR, a wallet and my sunglasses. That’s all I need when I stroll around in a city. At first I decided on a shoulder bag by Drifter U.S.A with a desert camouflage pattern. I found it at a small store by the brand in Harajuku. It’s a nice little bag and because of its simple fabric, really light which makes it easy to carry around.

A couple of days later my girlfriend and I visited a Journal Standard store in Shunjuku and it was there, where I first encountered a bag by master piece. I was truly amazed by the craftsmanship and the solid look and feel of the bag. Everything is done with so much care for detail and the selected materials. That these bags are made in Japan made me watch out even more for the brand. So, it was decided. I needed a second “city” bag.

There are several stores around in Tokyo whe you can buy not only master piece produtcs but bags and accessoires from their several sub-lines as well. MSPC is the name of the whole thing and the brand stores are named alike. When you visit their online-shop (shipping inside Japan only) there is also the possibility to customize your very on master piece bag. Not quite sure if the possibilities are as endless as with Nike ID but the idea in general sure sounds intriguing. I’m a sucker for everything limited and unique, so I’l probably have to try this out on my next trip to Japan.

After a long decision process I finally decided on a black master piece shoulder bag which I bought in Shibuya. Next time I’ll need to get a big duffle bag and maybe a wallet too. Saw one which I loved (the black one on the picture below) but quality always has its price and so I need to save up first. Life can be so expensive. Next time!

Upadate 07.08.13:
UK based fashion store Mr. Porter carries some master-piece bags by now. But beware. Like the UK Bape store the prices are heavily inflated for the master-piece bags as well. I wouldn’t blame Oki-Nu. The overall expensive Pound and the fact that these are imports directly from Japan don’t really contribute to a more reasonable price. My advice: Use a proxy and buy directly from Japan. Or even better. Save up and plan your next holiday over there.

Images by JapaneseTease.





master piece japan


Notes: 30.01.2015
Found another couple of pictures I did back then when I bought my master piece bag and thought I’d love to share them with you guys.

And here is my girl unpacking my awesome master piece bag in Harajuku which still looks incredible after 2 years of nearly daily usage.



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  1. You do have a very good (and small?) camera that could capture every moment in a spectacular way. Your photos made any product look even more beautiful and luxurious!

  2. My partner, and I, just returned from Japan and encountered these same bags while shopping at their Shinjuku store. So very upset that we didn’t pick anything up while there. Too bad I don’t know anyone there, or I would have them surely pick up something for me.

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