Life, Dr. Slump and some new manga purchases

Life, Dr. Slump and some new manga purchases

Never wanted to be one of those guys who are writing these “it’s been too long…” posts on their blog. But this is a very personal project for me and so I want to share at least to some degree what’s going on in my live recently. Six weeks ago university started for me again and it started with some tough shit coming right up. All in all I had a 51h week stuffed with university courses and when I came home in the evening I had to prepare for weekly tests. This probably explains why I haven’t had any time for anything except my studies. WaniKani was in vacation mode for the past 4 weeks and will be again when my other block of practical courses starts in 3 weeks again. But apart from that all has been peachy for me. Just wanted to share my latest manga purchases with you:

I finally bought myself the whole 15 volumes of the Dr. Slump 完全版 which is highly recommended to anyone who knows at least some very basic Kanji.

Buy the manga: Dr. Slump 完全版

dr slump 完全版

The text is mostly written in かな so even for relative beginners it’s a very manageable task. Unfortunately most of the volumes are out of print so I had to buy a used set off ebay. The quality of the books was okay, not as described though. After reading Dragon Ball I became a huge fan of 明鳥山. Just love everything that I’ve read so far and that includes Dr. Slump, of course. The humour is spot on and the drawings are beautiful. I love his character designs and sometimes a little immature jokes.

My latest purchases are all 鳥山 related. Dragon Ball Landmark is a guide for the manga, for the first part of it to be exact. And hands down it’s the best of Dragon Ball. Never been too keen on all the epic fights and always did prefer little Son Goku when he was just as cute as innocent. Even got my girlfriend to read Dragon Ball. Not to mention she loves it.

Buy the manga: Dragon Ball Landmark


Next up is a “new” version of Dragon Ball which tells the whole story again (I know totally unnecessary) in a very compressed form. It’s aimed at younger children, in full color and the drawings are in chibi-style. The Japanese is actually a little more easy than in the original Dragon Ball and if you can bear to read a remake nobody needs, it’s actually quite fun.

Note: Posted a more in-depth look on the Dragonball SD manga

Buy the manga: Dragon Ball SD


Haven’t read this one yet but it the latest oneshot release by Toriyama and seems to be a good one. I bought the limited edition which came bundled with some key chains. The book itself is in the 完全版 format which is pretty nice.

PS: I wrote a post with a  ore in-depth look at the new Toriyama manga.

Buy the manga: Jaco the galactic patrolman


jaco the galactic patrol man

Nekomajin is amazing. It’s one of the best things Toriyama put out there over the last couple of years. Short story wise. The character is just hilarious and sometimes it’s like a little parody on the Dragon Ball universe. If you love Toriyama’s stuff you should definitely pick this one up. It’s been one of the most enjoyable reads for me in the last weeks and even for Japanese beginners pretty manageable.

Buy the manga: Nekomajin



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