Let’s have a look what The North Face Purple Label is up to these days

Been a while since I last checked on the Japan only venture of North Face. I’ve recently been looking for a sturdy Gore-Tex jacket which can be used as an outside layer for everyday use. I wanted something sturdy but nevertheless fashionable so I checked out one of my favorite sources for stylish functional gear, the nanamica store from Japan. Apart from carrying their own line of clothing they’re also famous for designing the Japan only North Face Purple Label. I’m not to fond of the American main line but in there best days the Purple Label bought a very fresh approach towards technical gear.

Their last seasons have been a littler wilder, with more colors and a lot of classic amerikana mixed in. Love that word, amerikana. Everything looked a little like visvim with colorful patterns. The recent season is not exactly spectacular but you can clearly see a very fashionable approach here. Earthy tones are blending in with nature. There are no obvious logos on the outside and their line is much closer towards timeless fashion then ever.

You can buy The North face Purple Label directly from Japan at nanamica. If you’re not in the country and don’t know how to order from Japan just check out my guide with all the information about proxy shipping you need.

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