Japanese Kit Kat with blueberry cheese-cake flavor

japanese kit kat blueberry cheesecake

Not quite sure, but this packaging seems to be an sakura-time exclusive as well. Unfortunately, I don’t like the taste that much, because it has a strong artificial note to it. But honestly: What was there to expect from a blueberry cheese cake flavor?

Probably hard to make it taste like the real deal. But at least Nestlé still tries hard to surprise us with more unusual flavors. I mean, let’s be frank, every candy company has strawberry, citron and apple flavors in some product. My girlfriend is still nuts about the sakura-matcha flavored Kit Kat, but its incredibly hard to find online.

Make sure to check my  other features of all the other Japanese Kit Kat as well. And if you want to buy some, “White Rabbit Express” seems like a good company to do so. I haven’t bought any candy from them. I did, however, order some books for my Japanese studies from the rabbit. Everything went peachy and I can recommend them in good conscience to you.

Images by Japanese Tease.

japanese kit kat

kit kat blueberry cheese cake





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