Japanese girls lose their potential husbands to toys

japanese girls

Instead of trying to stand out to the local beauty who is working at the bakery next door, more and more Japanese grown men spend their time and effort on loving a virtual idol. Artificial plastic dolls replace the crush on teen celebrities and instead of spending their money going out to a nice restaurant in the neighborhood, these otaku boys spend their savings on glossy prints and body pillows. The Japanese government is wondering why their birth-ratio is at an all-time low but I know the reason: It’s Hatsune Miku’s fault.

A third of Japanese men under 30 have never dated a woman and rather spent hundreds of thousands of Yen on even more plastic dolls, plastic tits and plastic ass. And they are doing all this to be as close as possible to their virtual idol. Or to be more precise, their very own crush.

They truly feel like they have a serious thing going on with their favorite character and because they want to spend even more time with there loved one, they burn all their money on merchandise, anime Dvds and printed blankets.

It’s like an addiction you can’t escape. Amour Foux of the next century. Once started you lose yourself in a faux reality of fake regard and appreciation. It’s easy to judge but one should rather think about why so many young Japanese men feel drawn towards these artificial beauties instead of going for real relationships. Maybe it’s a late effect of Japan’s achievement-oriented-society or just another attempt to break out of the tightly knitted net of expectations that parents set for their children.

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  1. Just wanted to express my appreciation for these culture articles you write. It’s hard to find out about the relevant concerns, interests, behaviours etc. of a society without being immersed in the society itself. These articles are a great read even for those who aren’t interested in learning the Japanese language. Fascinating stuff!

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