Japan eat good – Fricote #14

Japan eat good - Fricote #14

When I saw the 14th issue of Fricote at a small newspaper shop in Strasbourgh I got a little nostalgic. A lot of time passed since issue one of the quarterly published magazine was released. It reminded me of the days I last spent in Paris together with my girlfriend. We were out shopping and stopped by colette. It suddenly started to rain and so we decided to wait in the shop till the rain stopped pouring. There are worse places to kill some time at, I suppose.

Colette always has a variety of international magazines on display and being a total nerd for everything printed, I just had to give everything a proper look. I bought the Bape Archive Vol.02 and also discovered the very first issue of Fricote. The bi-lingual magazine (French/English) is published in France and caters to food-savvy people with a knack for design. I found it to be a little style over substance but bought it nonetheless

Visiting Strasbourgh recently I discovered the latest issue of Frictote and because their cover artwork is always appealing, I gave the magazine a try again. I was pleasantly surprised that the issue featured a little, smaller “mag” inside called Japan eat good. It’s the second issue (the first one was released a year ago) and contains some introductions to basic Japanese ingredients like Miso, Mirin and Dashi. Apart from that there are several recipes by Japanese (and foreign) cooks which all try to give a better understanding about Japanese cuisine. Away from the Sushi cliché, there is even a very tasty looking Burger recipe (I love Japanese burgers). And that’s exactly what Japan eat good wants to achieve, make people aware of real Japanese dishes and how seemingly Western recipes can be cooked with a very Japanese approach.

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Ollie mag, Bape 2014 SS emook and Nail Venus
Ollie mag, Bape 2014 SS emook and Nail Venus

Ollie mag, Bape 2014 SS emook and Nail Venus

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