The Hikaru no Go 完全版 is looking good

The Hikaru no Go 完全版 is looking good

Got a new manga shipment from honto. Hikaru no Go is just too damn addictive to stop reading. I’ve yet to try Saint Oniisan but only heard good things about it. The premise of the manga is very interesting: Jesus and Buddha share an apartment and are always in for a good joke. The grammar book is something of a mixture between the Dictionary of basic Japanese grammar and a classic textbook. I discovered it on the great ajatt blog and exactly what I was looking for. It offers a great overview about the most common text-patterns and grammatical forms. You want to express something in a certain way and don’t know how to put it in Japanese? Just have a glimpse in the register of this one and you instantly know which term to use. (Btw. there is a MP3 CD attached which reads out the whole comprehension part of the book! Great for working on my listening comprehension skills)

I’m currently not reading anything besides Hikaru no Go and some funny (and sometimes a little bit explizit) manga about waterball which I may be showing to you within the next days. My exams are over and I now have a couple of weeks of free time where I’ll get back on track with my blogging habits. Due to hardcore studying I neglected my daily WaniKani routine and now have over 600 Reviews in my queue. Damn, but that’s the price you pay for not being a dedicated Japanese student.

Buy the manga (If you buy the books through these links, I’ll get a small referral fee which will be used to buy even more awesome books for review.):

Hikaru no Go  完全版
Saint Young Men
Understanding basic Japanese grammar (made a review for that one recently)




hikaru no go 完全版


hikaru no go complete edition


saint young men japanese



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  1. Didn’t thought of buying the Japanese version of Hikaru no Go for my reading practice list. Already bought the whole set in English.(^-^;
    I agree with you that HnG was higgly addictive so I bought the rest of the volumes after reading the first 6 volumes. C: I’m still learning the basic grammar and I can’t wait to read the manga I love in their original languagelike you! I’ll probably get Rurouni Kenshin in Japanese in the future. XD

    1. Oh, Rurouni Kenshin really need to read this as well. loved the Anime back then :)
      You should really consider one or two volumes of Hikaru no go in Japanese especially if you already read the whole series in English. Will be really good practice and the volumes look gorgeous.

      1. I notice that the original ones have great covers so tempting to get those. Will probably consider getting Hikaru no Go somewhere in the future. XD

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Bape exclusive store in Aoyama
Bape exclusive store in Aoyama

Bape exclusive store in Aoyama

I discovered Bape through their “dissected Milo” collaboration with

Human Made, Bape, quality and all that stuff
Human Made, Bape, quality and all that stuff

Human Made, Bape, quality and all that stuff

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