Marvelous underground bike parking system in Japan

bikes storing tokyo

I’ve spotted some fantastic looking bikes in Tokyo time and time again. All fixies (that’s what we call bikes in Germany without any fancy stuff), plain and simple rides for the city. A friend of mine is very much into bikes as well and got one which is pretty similar to the white one on the picture down below. Always makes me envious that I’m not into the technical stuff with bikes. The problem which comes with a looking one is that you can’t just leave it on the street. I bet there is much less stuff being stolen in general in Japan but still. You wouldn’t want to leave such a treasured item where you invested so much time and money in on the street. And there comes the new fully automated bike storage in handy. It’s good to know that it’s stored absolutely save in a place where not even rain can touch your treasured bike.


Automated underground parking systems are already around for a couple of years in Japan but I didn’t know that they had an equivalent for bikes as well. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much more information on this only that it’s located in Tokyo. The whole process only takes a mere 16 seconds which makes it really quick to use. Nearly the same as if you would just lock it with a key.

Would you store your bike in a place like this? I still own a vintage Honda Dax which is in perfect shape. Unfortunately, I solely use it these days because I just can’t leave it anywhere. Even with a solid lock. Two persons could just grab it and load it into their car. Note to Tokyo. You need storage space like this for motorbikes as well.

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