A new year is up and it’s time again for some resolutions

A new year is up and it's time again for some resolutions

The last year has been a tough one for me. A lot has been going on with my studies and in my personal life. I just haven’t had the time to focus on my Japanese learning most of the time which always results in less posts for the site as well. But all this will hopefully change again in 2016. At least in the first part of it. Summer 2016 will be the time when I’ll finally be done with the the more theoretical part of my studies and move on to the clinical years. It’s always good to get ahead in life even if it’s only with the professional part of it.

Lately I’ve become a huge fan of the Monocle magazine and really got into their different podcasts as well. What gave me the initial push to start learning Japanese was actually a podcast as well. One about two German guys who love gaming (one even set up his own retro video game store in Japan) and are now living there.

Before I started studying I worked as a dental technician for a couple of years. A rather quiet work if you don’t count running machines which game me the time to listen to a lot of podcasts while working. It became a nice morning routine that he  I arrived at the laboratory first thing I’d do is make another coffee for myself and listen to an episode of Japanesepod101. At least for me their approach towards learning Japanese really fit perfectly into my daily work life and it was always something I looked forward to before the whole (sometimes) stressful work day began.

But back to Monocle. A couple of week ago I showed you some pictures of the Monocle travel guide to Tokyo. Still love it and bought the Bangkok one as well even if I probably won’t visit in the near future. The guides are just so much fun to skip through and inspiring me with all its foreign stores and concepts. Will probably collect them all.

But what will 2016 hold for Japanese Tease?

I still have some Japanese study books that need to be reviewed and I aim to present more Japanese street wear brands on the site. I’m always searching for more information if I discover something new and a little knowledge has mostly been pretty scarce when it comes to Japanese street wear brands. Maybe I can fill that void at least for the couple brands I really dug into the last months.

Unfortunately I had to cancel my last years plans for traveling to Japan again because I just haven’t had the money for a nice trip. I initially planned on going this March but I’m not sure at the moment if I can. Money reasons, personal reasons but it’s all going to be better from now on.

What’s up with you guys? How is the studying going?

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