How a 20 year old girl gets the money of the rich

She broke the backbone of her teacher when she was still in school and was thrown out by her parents at consequence. Kanae Murakami is a hostess and has basically to drink every night till the sun goes up again. Even if she has a low tolerance for alcohol she pushes herself to drink even more. And she notices herself that her body won’t keep up with this for a very long time.

The Japanese Vice magazine is always delivering amazing quality videos under the label A day with… where you get a small glimpse into the life of outcasts from society. Whether it is about Hideaki, a man in his 50s who desperately wants to be a schoolgirl or Kanae who earns her bread and butter, drinking with men who seek attention and recognition. Working as a hostess is a hard job. You have to stay up all night, drinking and entertaining men always trying to reach a certain sales goal for the drinks each evening. If they don’t reach it they get paid less or can even make a loss for the night. At best she brings home 40k¥/d, five days a week.

Sounds like much at first but if you deduct all the expenses for daily manicure, hair stylist etc. it’s not worth it. Especially not if you go out with the guys after the hostess club closed its doors. That gets me thinking why the girls (I don’t think Kanae is an exeption) are doing this. Practically giving it away for free. The money makes these guys attractive in the first place but after work there is probably another factor that makes a hostess spend even more time with their customers: Recognition.

Most of these girls come from difficult family backgrounds and are in a way very similar to their customers. They love being the center of attention, to be schmoozed and respected. In the club they are the queens of the night and own all the power over these men. Of course they need the money and the payment is good but there is more to it then just pecuniary motivation.

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