You can now have tomatoes instead of buns on your burger

mos burger tomato burger
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My girlfriend is always complaing about burger buns and usually puts the one on top just to the side. But there are alternatives to the same old bread like something surrounding your burger. You can use a salad leaf which is not bad but I even tried to make rice buns. Just make some buns out of rice and bake them a little on each side. Didn’t came out as tasty as it sounds unfortunately.

Mos Burger is one of my favorite burger restaurants in Japan. The variety is huge over there and I have to admit that I definitely ate the best burgers in Japan. Noting that I’ll still have to visit the States at some point. The lovely people over at Mos┬ádidn’t bring us the Liberation Wrapper but at least they brought another tasty (and healthy) alternative to the much hated burger buns to the table.

Tomatoes are the solution. Looks quite tasty but like always the reality differs a little from the official product pictures from Mos Burger. Still, a refreshing idea for a change.

mos burger japan tomato burger

The people over at RocketNews actually tasted the burger as well and even made a short video about it.

All pictures by Mos Burger

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