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The Japanese company naturetechnicolour is been producing educational toys for kids for quite some time now, selling them in vending machines. But to describe the little models of amphibians, the human skull/heart (which even contain arteries/venes) or jellyfishes as mere toys would be an understatement. For just 300¥ kids can get some really great looking models with lots of details which may inspire them to dig deeper into the world of anatomy and biology.

Their latest effort has been eight different slides with histological preparations which range from plant tissue and pollen to human tissue, bacteria and viruses. It’s probably my favorite of their collection because the little slides look so well made. I just finished Histology classes myself last semester and even if it’s a very challenging subject the deeper knowledge you can get about organisms and how they interact with each other is stunning. Apart from that the slides look damn good, a better reason for kids to pick them and just being fascinated to discover the different bits and pieces in the slides.

The models were created in collaboration with the Japanese firm Kyoto Kagaku which is one of the leading manufacturers of medical and nursing simulators. Everything that’s related to medicine, physics, biology is usually super expensive, consider these slides for 200¥ a real bargain. Will try to get my hands on these.






Japanese Tease reader Bettina even managed to snag one of these at Tokyo station. Thanks a lot for the picture and letting me know :) Hope the slides are as nice in reality as they seemed on all the pictures.

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  • Xaromir

    Imagine all the creative potential! I just wish they would be a little bigger. If they start offering these in DIN-A4 I’ll be all over those.

  • HatsuHazama

    Those certainly do look lovely. If only my success at microscope tuning was as good in class haha. I’m not exactly sure if a child would buy these (well, some like my sister love any keychain, so… maybe), but I would certainly like to get one if I get the chance to.

    • Maybe you could even improve with these slides :) Currently cramming Biology myself, I feel your pain.
      Yeah, these are definitely the things parents buy for their kids because they find them interesting themselves. Or better, things they’d love to be liked by their kids. If I think about all these history for kids, small insects kinda books I got as a boy and never even openend…

  • Bettina Schnerr

    You write, that they sell in vending machines. Is there any hint where I might have the biggest chance to find something like that? I usually cross machines with something else, but this would be a machine I would allow my kids ;-)

    • Thanks a lot for commenting Bettina. Unfortunately I have no idea where these kind of vending machines were put up in Japan. I doubt that there are too many of them around. It’s probably your best bet to write to the company who is producing these.
      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Hope your kids have some educational vending machine fun soon!