Tokyo by night by Masashi Wakui

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I love going out at night to take a couple of pictures. Just walking around in the neighborhood, taking in the neon lights, trying to capture the busy streets at night. When people are on their way home from work, quickly picking something up for dinner or buying that video game which just released that day. Everything just feels so much more intimate at night.

Masashi Wakui has a knack for the night life and really knows how to capture the vibrant colors of Tokyo’s city lights. Make sure to check his flickr with tons of beautiful shots like this. Many mentioned Akira or the Ghibli films which came to mind looking at Wakui’s pictures but I think the cinematography by Christopher Doyle is a much more fitting description.

When I started to get really into film the works by Wong Kar-Wai were some of the most impressive for me. Not because of his great story telling abilities but the beautifully captured nightlife by Christopher Doyle.








All pictures copyright by Masashi Wakui

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  • This man was the reason i joined flickr just to follow him and see notifications when he posts new photos. His photos can be really surreal sometimes. The lighting is really what captures me the most however when there is people in the photo; something about them seems like a dream or a memory, like they aren’t really there.

    • You just put that nicely. I wonder how his post production process looks like.

      • Recently I actually came across a article that attempted to recreate his looks, thanks to a digitalrev article. They managed to almost recreate his style minus the the better blacks and clarity masashi manages to get. I have a feeling he retains those points by using photoshop as well as lightroom. As for how the tutorial managed it, it was all only adjusting color curves in lightroom.

        • Thanks, will need to search for that tutorial. Really interested in the different steps involved.

          • yeah I completely agree. Just realizing how much is going on in this photo from the perfect composition to the fine details in blacks and clarity and split toning. It’s like real life anime almost haha. The tutorial per first google results will be the tutorial he himself said was close to his own process minus the photoshop split gradients i think.

        • MarioRash

          In my case I’m in love with a chinese photographer called Frank Huang.

          I don’t know what he does, it’s really subtle, but I love it. Something about the colors, beyond my understanding.

          I would love to do something like this. Might there be any articles on how to achieve this too? ^^

          • Man, thanks a lot for sharing Mario. These pictures are amazing. Love his style.

          • MarioRash

            Same goes for you! ^^
            I followed this photographer immediately! Another great source of inspiration.
            By the way, and idea on how to imitate Frank Huang’s stile? :’D