Testuo Kondo architects create a cloud you can walk through

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Every wondered how it would be to touch and feel a cloud? I did. In cooperation with Transsolar the Tetsuo Kondo architect group created an installation for the Museum of contemporary art in Tokyo. The group is normally responsible for very “light” constructions of buildings which are flooded with light.

The six meter high installation allows visitors to experience a walk through the clouds. It’s made possible by creating three different climate-zones into the cube which recreate the perfect humidity for a very comfy cloud. Accourding to the time and weather the look and feel of the cloud is constantly changing in reaction to the humidity and air pressure. Amazing project and currently open for all visitors of the museum.

If you’re currently in Tokyo or planning a visit – include a stop at the Museum of contemporary art on your to-do-list.

Update: Thanks to Adam we know know that this was a time wxclusive exhibition which was held back in 2011/2012. Too bad this is not around anymore.




All images © Tetsuo Kondo | Photography by Yasuhiro Takagi | Via: i-ref.de

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  • That’s very cool! I’ll make sure to stop by there when I’m in Tokyo again!

  • Adam

    Oh maaan… Got super excited about this! I mean, who hasn’t dreamed about touching/walking through/laying down on fluffy clouds?…
    But it seems like it was a time limited exhibition back in 2011/2012 according to the museum’s and Tetsuo Kondo’s respective websites:

    Bottom line: It’s not there to see/experience anymore…
    Sorry to crush everybody’s dreams of cloud-walking… (including my own…) =/

    • Thanks a lot for pointing this out Adam. Didn’t really follow up on the story (which I obviously should have to done).
      Too bad it’s not around anymore.

      • Adam

        You’re welcome =)
        I agree, would have loved to check it out… =/ Hopefully, they’ll exhibit it again someday.

  • HatsuHazama

    Aw man, I thought this was something that had been incorporated into a full scale structure like a house or something, not just a one off thing. That said, it doesn’t look like it disappoints. Would have definitely been cool to experience, shame it’s only temporary. : (
    Let’s hope it gets built up else where though…