Let’s play Xenoblade Chronicles for the 3DS in Japanese

xenoblade chronicles 3ds
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3DS got a lot of hate from me but you can’t deny the fact that there are some great games out the for the system. I’ve always been a big fan of the school gang theme from Japan and when the ultimate series about the genre came to the 3DS I got a little more in touch with the small Nintendo handheld again. When they hosted a buy 3 games get one free through redeeming Club Nintendo Points in Japan I picked up Fire Emblem: The Awakening. You probably know how things are going with a huge gaming backlog and so I didn’t touch the game until early February. Completely fell in love with the game and it probably even gave me the final push to order a new 3DS from Japan.

I wanted to play Xenoblade Chronicles for years now but never got around to doing so. If you could play Wii games solely on the Wii U tablet it would have been an option but unfortunately you would still need a wiimote and nunchunk as controllers. And that’s kinda ridiculous. With the new and impoved version of Xenoblade Chronicles for the new 3DS just around the corner it’s the perfect time to finally play this JRPG classic.

The best thing is that there are tons of guides for the game available. For the Wii version of course but I’m sure that you can manage with these as well. GameFaqs got more than a couple of guides/walkthroughs.

Is anyone of you picking up Xenoblade Chronicles for the new 3DS to play it in Japanese?

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  • I hab’s für die Wii :D Leider hat mich das Kampfsystem nicht wirklich umgehauen, obwohl die Story und die Quests ganz iO waren. Ab einem gewissen Punkt war es irgendwie…langwierig? Und hab schnell die Lust daran verloren, ist leider nicht so ein fesselndes JRPG wie FF, Tales oder Ni no Kuni :/ Aber ich hoffe, dass du wenigstens deine Freude damit haben wirst! :)

    • Ich habe leider nie gespielt. Meine Vorbestellung wurde gecancelt und ich werde wahrscheinlich doch erstmal auf X für die Wii U warten. Das ist mir jetzt irgendwie zu doof. Die Neuauflage for den 3DS ist übrigens super billig in Japan. Gerade mal 3,200¥