An isolated view on Japan by the travelling Jordi Huisman

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I’ve just written a small post about Emily Shur and her point of view of Japan. That reminded m of this article here about Jordi Huisman from the Netherlands. It’ great to experience so many different perceptions of different people about the same country. That brings me to the idea that I’d love to see a group of photographers walk down the same way and afterwards choose a small selection of pictures and present them. I’m sure you’ll see some very different pictures. Of spots will probably be featured in every photographers selection. But that way they captured these spots in will always be a little different.

This series was made during a three month journey through Japan. Travelling the country, I tried to get to know the Japanese society and its people. This turned out to be quite hard, since it’s a completely different one from any European or western one I knew. The closed character of Japan and the relative shyness of the people towards foreigners, made me feel isolated.

When scanning the negatives back in Amsterdam it turned out I had subconsciously captured exactly what I felt and experienced. (Jordi Huisman)

I experienced Japan totally different but I’m from another country with another life. My personal perception of Japan is very ambivalent. Japanese were so welcoming and generous. But I always heard that it’s difficult if you life there and want to develop real friendships. As always these are not facts but just some personal thoughts.

Apart from that I really enjoy the pictures Jordi Huisman took in Japan. Very moody and to be blunt the color aesthetic looks very much like Fuji.

















All images © Jordi Huisman | Via: Thisispaper

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