Most Japanese people have no clue what the English slogans on their shirts actually mean

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Japanese fashion brands made an habit of using English statements on their T-shirts. Even German words and phrases seemed pretty popular on my last trip to Japan. I found some relatively nice shirts with fruit names in German written on them. Apfel (Apple) for example. So nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a little different when a young schoolgirl in her puberty walks around with a shirt that says “heavy bitch”. Might not exactly be the statement she intended for herself. Most phrases are harmless though but often times just don’t make any sense. More and more Katakana is used by Western fashion brands nowadays so maybe we might see some nice reverse examples over here soon.

A Japanese TV-show went outside to the streets of Tokyo and interviewed some random people if they know what the phrases on their shirts actually mean. Most had no clue whatsoever. In the end it doesn’t really matter if the font adds something to the design and you’re not branding yourself an idiot with the message. I’m rarely wearing prints and always found “fashion with a message” a little cheesy. Just remember: Fuck celeb.

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