Hisatomi Tadahiko is trying to capture the essence of Japan’s young female generation

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Japan has a seriously problem with an overaged population and a young generation which is not interested enough in having kids and a family. I wrote about the young men who rather want to be with an artificial idol instead of trying to establish a real relationship. A surreal case but the whole situation is shaping up to become a real problem. Photographer Hisatomi Tadahiko wanted to capture the the female perspective on things and give us a glimpse into the everyday life of girls in Japan. I read that about 50% of young Japanese females apparently don’t have any interest in sex but I find it difficult to believe. It’s a steep number.

Maybe Japan caused a lot of the problems themselves with their harsh school system back in the 90s and a constant pressure to perform. Some effects on the libido can’t be ruled out. But even if you don’t want to start a family you can still enjoy sex. There is no reason whatsoever why you shouldn’t.

I was a bit hesitant at first to post this here at Japanese Tease. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous but I’m a bit tired of the whole discussion about sex life in Japan and a generation that seems too depressed to function. I don’t live there and so my view is entirely shaped on other peoples impressions but taking into account that Japan is still a rich country with a very high standard of living one can’t deny the feeling that these are merely prosperity problems. If problems at all. The whole “gloomy lifestyle” let’s just call it that, is becoming a tad too much for my taste. From video games to manga and the whole emo-culture. Japan seems to be enjoying to bathe in misery. You should check out Daraku Room a lovely book about the rooms of female otaku.

I frankly can’t understand the reasons behind that. We need more positivity from Japan. The whole 少年 genre is based on friendship and the ongoing thought that you can achieve anything. If you work hard enough. Let’s act on the Dragon Ball spirit but nevertheless we can still enjoy the moody pictures on Tadahiko’s Flickr. Which you should definitely check out as well.












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