Akira Oozawa’s twin daughters are the cutest

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I simply adore kids. Only the cute ones, of course. There were many times in my life when I had the feeling that now would be the perfect moment to finally start a family of my own. But I always said to myself that I wanted to finish my education first. Probably a wise decision. Or rather a practical one. One thing I can already do though is look at pictures of cute little kids (which sounds a little creepy) who’re having fun with the most simple things in life. And even if we’ve all read this a bunch of times but never really took it seriously, the joy in life comes from the simple things. At least that’s what I realized for myself over the last couple of weeks and months.

Akira Oozawa is a graphic designer and an avid photograph. He loves the film emulators by VSCO and he is definitely not alone with this faible. In the early stages of Japanese Tease I was using them quite a bit for my pictures as well. I should try them sometime again.

The two pre-school twins are seemingly constantly having a great time and Oozawa is capturing these moments with remarkable easiness. Maybe because it’s her father taking the pictures. We will never know.











Akira-Oozawa_Twins_19 vsco









All images © Akira Oozawa

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  • Das sind wirklich zwei herzallerliebste Kinder! ☺️ Bei den Bildern muss man einfach mit grinsen :D Bzgl. Kinderwunsch kann ich fast ‘nen ganzes Lied von singen haha. Schlimm genug, dass einige Freunde, von meinem Freund und mir, sich einer nach dem anderen Verloben oder gar ein Kind erwarten. Schlimm ist es ja, wenn man selbst dann plötzlich nur noch Kinderwagen mit süßen kleinen Wonneproppen sieht. Ist schon fast ‘ne Krankheit. OTL
    So zurück zum Eigentlichen: Mir ist im Übrigen aufgefallen, dass anscheinend irgendwie JEDES asiatische Kind so einen Topf-Schnitt verpasst bekommt! Das ist DAS Merkmal bei asiatischen Kinderfotos! ????

  • Arthur Ruhtra

    This photo series seems very much inspired by 川島小鳥 Kawashima Kotori’s 未来ちゃん Mirai-chan (2011)