A caramel marshmallow pizza in Japan

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People always think that Japan is the country where the food is healthy and everybody is eating raw fish all the time. And rice. But apart from that (and the fact that Japanese people love their meat) there are some very fancy dishes created specifically for the Japanese market which would blow our tastebuds. An even better description for it with a word I just discovered: pervalicious.

These special “meals” which really want to be different are a commodity in Japan. From blueberry cheesecake Kit Kat to a pervalicious marshmallow pizza. Japan seems to be the only country you can pull it off.

Pizza Hut released this Pizza recently which seems more like a successfull PR stunt than something which would become a staple in their menu. Apart from adding some caramel and marshmallow they topped it with some additional almond to make the flavour complete.

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pizza hut marshmellow pizza




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  • Wow ok I can’t decide if I think that looks super delicious or super disgusting!

    • Haha, yeah. But it has to be one of these two. Nothing in between imaginable :)